Websites templates: an easy way to create your website?

July 15, 2021



Each business web development has the plan to be unique based on the brand and quality standards of the company with functionalities customized to the type of user being handled.


Surely you have already heard the word "template" or "theme" when we talk about design or web development. A template is a prefabricated design on the visual part of what a website would be (buttons, location of images and content elements, sections, among others), it is not 100% customizable in most cases and does not comply as custom made. There are free or inexpensive templates that can be downloaded from a website depending on the technology selected by the company with the ability to change colors and disable certain modules.


Websites templates: an easy way to create your website?


It starts from something already designed, with limitations to adapt our strategy to the site, if we focus on the competition that has a design specially made for the company and our site with template, the customer will notice the customization of the tool and will consider the other company more reliable and secure.


In the meantime, our site may lose business opportunities and traffic through our website. When a site is basic or informative it is common to implement the design based on a template, the problem is presented in the long term, when they decide to add functionalities and new elements since the current design will not deliver what was expected and we would have to change the whole design and start from scratch, doubling the initial investment. This is why it is necessary to fulfill the strategies from the beginning when the decision is made: develop a website.


The main benefit of implementing a template is that it reduces development time and therefore: cost. But it also has disadvantages that must be considered when looking for new web development.




Within the disadvantages we could name:


  •  Personalization


A template does not have much personalization on a website, it is based mainly on changes of colors, logos, and other basic elements. Meanwhile, a design, especially for the company, can be customized at any time in a fast and easy way.


  • Time invested


Much time is spent modifying the template. The moment you want to change an item you will have to invest unanticipated time making unexpected changes.


  • Exclusiveness


The template will never be your authority, you can see the same template on other websites. We will not have a unique design and it will be available to anyone who wishes, in face of the users we will lose some credibility if they see the same design in another company.


  • Authorizations


Updates will have to be made when the author of the template so requires to correct details or design elements. It will not depend on our company or our needs. We can conclude that the decision to adopt a template in our site must be taken with a long-term focus, if our company has the plan to grow with the website we must know the advantages and disadvantages that a template will affect or benefit in our business.


Instead of investing our resources in a prefabricated design, we could implement it into a good strategy with a unique design making our users feel confident when providing a personalized and focused website.

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