What problems does ERPNext solve in companies?

November 30, 2021

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In companies, it is overwhelming for work teams to access 5, 10 or up to 15 systems just to perform a task or solve a single problem. It is an immense waste of productive time and also generates stress in the staff that can be totally avoided by unifying all the tasks in a single platform. That can be fully achieved with ERPNext.


We can understand that companies are afraid to try new management tools in their processes, since they want to avoid chaos at all costs. They also don't want to make mistakes in their workflows, lose money, or have the team feel lost in the middle of adapting with the new tool. But this ERP software really gets to solve your business problems.


How good is ERPNext?


The creators of this Open-Source software define ERPNext with these three words: complete, versatile and powerful, a platform designed to be efficient, simple and powerful. It has a dashboard with a fairly clean, intuitive and functional design that clearly shows all the information that the user needs to manage the most important processes of the company.




At the same time, the Kanban-style board allows you to have a view organized by columns, where you can divide the processes in development according to the status in which they are, whether they are running, waiting or completed.


The great advantage of ERPNext is that it makes more than 1000 modules available to companies that allow organizing and managing almost any aspect of a business, from accounting to the implementation of a Helpdesk.


The problems that ERPNext solves in companies


Disorganization in accounting processes


Managing your business finances doesn't have to be an endless nightmare. Especially if your business is in full growth, the accounting aspect can quickly turn into chaos if you do not have control of the processes. With the ERPNext Accounting module, you can manage all financial data in a timely manner, processing everything from transactions to summarizing and analyzing financial reports.




In the dashboard of this ERPNext module, the company administrator will have a real-time view of the accounting books, highlighting all the most important indicators. It has fully customizable control panels so you can manage all your accounting in one place.


Chaos in recruitment and management of personnel data


The Human Resources department is one of the most important in any company, since it is in charge of handling everything related to the hiring of professionals who give life to the business. If this area malfunctions, the entire company can fail in the face of hiring chaos, delays, or the recruitment of profiles that do not fully fit with the company culture.




From ERPNext, the task of recruiting and managing all employee data will be easier and more efficient, as well as tracking attendance, onboarding, evaluations and training of resources. Processing payroll will be super easy with the customizable salary structures provided by the Human Resources module.


Poor customer relationship


The core of any business is customers. It does not matter if your company is small, medium or large, you need a platform that helps you manage the customers you already have and strengthen the relationship with potential customers to generate more sales. With ERPNext's CRM module, automate the most routine tasks so that you can focus on strategies to convert your prospects into customers.




The interaction between the sales team and customers is also streamlined with ERPNext, since meetings and calls can be scheduled and even converting emails into leads with this CRM.


These are the three of the most common problems that companies suffer when they do not have an ERP system implemented in their processes. The use of ERPNext can be the great opportunity to modernize your business, streamlining routine processes and improving the environment in your work team.

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