What should every Intranet have?

June 18, 2021

Tags: IT Staff Augmentation


At this point in time there's not many acceptable reasons as to why businesses don't have their own intranet, possessing an exclusive communication channel inside a business provides a very solid ground for collaboration and enriching company culture.


When trying to pick a good intranet, clients can usually get lost because the market offers a wide variety of options, they all are created with the greatest of intentions and each one has it's special set of features.


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But there's some features that should be staple in every intranet software developed for businesses

Easy to use design

A complicated and not user friendly intranet will only result in potential users neglecting the use of the intranet. Making the intranet acceptance more easier depends a lot on this point so try to do choose an intranet that has the following elements:


- Mobile and desktop support

- Clear and concise design

- Option to use company branding such as a logo


Complete Profiles

The core purpose of an intranet is to connect, communicate and improve collaboration amongst individuals inside an organization, and sometimes not all of these individuals are in the same building. So in order to make sure that these connections are being done, its necessary to have an intranet filled with complete profiles for each collaborator.


Consider this as an online resume that can only be seen by your coworkers. Good information to have within every intranet profile is:


- Phone number

- Working hours

- Languages spoken

- Phone number / email

- Abilities and expertise


But overall possibilities are endless with intranet profiles.


Document Repository

One of the benefits of an intranet is to make onboarding a smooth process, whether is someone new joining the company or someone joining a project that has already been kicked off, it's always useful to have a document repository where people can go back and get the answers to any questions that might pop up.


Amongst that, it's also a very helpful tool when adding or updating company policies, sharing updates becomes a simpler process and everyone will be able to rapidly review the documents. Collaborative work becomes fluid because everyone will handle the information at the same time, so there won't be any type of communicational breach or lack of informational flows.




In order to use an intranet solution to it's full potential, its necessary that it has integrations of third party applications such as G Suite, Harvest, Slack, Google Drive, any help desk application, and so on. All these integrations give a much more complete and useful feel to the intranet and will make users feel more familiarized with the whole concept.


Overall, intranet solutions are designed to provide an added value to every business and are a promise to improve a various amount of aspects inside the organization and in conclusion, we can say that the possibilities for an intranet solution are endless.


If your business is in the need of an intranet and don't know which step to take, we're here to help! Get a free consultation with Rootstack  to get an insight of what are the steps to take when choosing and implementing an intranet solution.


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