What you need to know about a Nearshore company

June 18, 2021


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The term “Outsourcing” isn’t something new. As a matter of fact, companies have been outsourcing several different internal processes for years now, so much so, the outsourcing market manager to make over 80 billion dollars just last year.

Now, when you take a look at the software outsourcing market, the numbers are just as outstanding, with this sector being the biggest outsourcing market in the world for the last seven years, according to an study made by statista.

With so many companies suddenly outsourcing their software processes, it is only natural more people are looking for a nearshore company to hire and work with in the hopes to get a software solution done.

If you are one of those people who is just looking for a nearshore solution, but don’t know where to start. Sit down and take notes, because we’re going to tell you everything, from A to Z, about nearshore solutions, how to contact and work with a nearshore company, and succeed at software outsourcing.

What is a nearshore solution, exactly?

In the world of internet and technology, a solution refers to a series or bundles of services that are usually sold together. Hence why when someone needs a software solution done, it usually means they require a whole software platform done.

Same thing applies for a nearshore solution, it refers to the multiple IT outsourcing services that a nearshore company has to offer their future or potential customers.

Keep in mind, a nearshore solution could be about pretty much any service you require, but since we are talking about software outsourcing, we will be focusing on that specific sector today.

We already have a full on blog talking about what are nearshore solutions, and what is the obvious advantage of going for a software outsourcing solution rather than doing your software development in-house.

Get to work with a nearshore company

Now that you know what a nearshore solution is, it is only obvious your next movie is to get to work with a nearshore company that specializes on software outsourcing and software solutions.

If you are wondering what exactly is a nearshore company, and how you can recognize one, think about it this way: A nearshore company is simply a software development partner that is located in a region that’s close to where you are.

For example, if you own a company located in the US, any company based on Central or Latin America represents a nearshore company, meaning a partner your can work with.

But what does these companies do? It depends. Some companies specialize on web development, meaning they create websites or web applications for other companies.

There are also software outsourcing partners that work with both web and mobile software development, creating applications, websites, e-commerce sites and more for both platforms. In our case, we focus on three main services, which are:

  1. Mobile development

  2. Web development

  3. Automation

However, not all companies offer the same IT outsourcing services, and they can actually vary depending on the type of company you choose, and their unique set of abilities.

How do a nearshore company works?

This question can be taken from two different point of views: One, from how it is composed and the different sectors that basically create a nearshore company, and two, on how they manage to develop software solutions.

If you’re interesting to know how a nearshore company is composed, how you can contact one and basically how they carry around different projects, you should read our blog about it, here. We truly recommend reading that blog first, and then come back, since it clarifies some basic points about nearshore software development.

That being said, a nearshore company is usually made by three main different three of people:

  1. Software engineer or software developers

  2. Quality Assurance analyst

  3. Project Managers

Of course, there are other people involved in such a company, but they usually don’t interfere or have any part on your software development process, since you’ll be interacting only with the Engineers and Project manager.

These are the ones responsible to take on your project and make it work. By following the Software Development Life Cycle, and implementing different technologies, they manage to take the project from point A to B before the established due date.

If you’d like to witness a software development process up close and work with a great software outsourcing company, remember to contact us and we will be more than glad to work with you,