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June 18, 2021


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nearshore development


Nearshore, nearshore outsourcing, remote work… Call it however you want, we are talking about the same thing: Working with a third party instead of doing all the work in-house.


Now, it is normal to get confused about these terms, specially when you consider how many different types of outsourcing there are, and what each and every type can do for your company.


However, we are here to help, and we are going to tell you everything you need to know about nearshore solutions, and why you should consider nearshore over offshore most of the time.



nearshore development


What are nearshore solutions


In the IT market, the word “solution” and “software solutions” are thrown very often, but not many actually know what they mean. So, to put it simple, a solution is a set of services that are presented to you as a packed.


This definition makes a lot of sense when you consider nearshore solutions are exactly that: A series of services offered by a third party or external company, that are meant to help your business achieve a certain goal.


Basically, every outsourcing company offers different sets of solutions depending on what you want or need to get done. You can outsource pretty much anything you want; however nearshore software development companies usually focus on two types of services: Software Development processes and Quality Assurance.


Why companies are choosing to outsource their processes


When running a company, you’ll realize there are thousands of different tasks that have to be performed daily in order to maintain the company afloat, and most of the times, these huge enterprises don’t have the time to put their attention to the difficult task of developing a software.


That’s when offshore and nearshore companies come into play, offering these enterprises a quick and effective solution. They take care of the creation and development of the software, and the company doesn’t have to worry about a single thing.


More specifically, there are four main reasons companies are choosing to work with nearshore outsourcing companies and resourcing to nearshore solutions, which are:


nearshore development


1: Cut production cost


Everyone knows how pricy it can be to develop a software, let alone contract a whole new set of software developers to help you create the platform you need. However, contracting a nearshore outsourcing partner can significantly reduce these costs.


You see, nearshore outsourcing companies from Latin America usually offer a much lower price than most companies in the USA or Canada. Sure, it isn’t cheap (no software development project is) but it is considerably more accessible.


This is one of the definite factors that make companies from North America choose to outsource their software development processes to Latin America, the fact that nearshore solutions there allow them to cut costs.


2: Significant productivity gain


Another benefit that most companies take for granted when working with a nearshore provider is the undeniable productivity levels from both parts of the collaboration.


On one hand, the nearshore outsourcing team is working on the clock to meet the due date and deliver a great service, meanwhile your workforce continues to work on your regular projects/tasks, without being interrupted, achieving the maximum productivity level.


3: No language barrier or dramatically different time zones


Last, but definitely not least, working with a nearshore outsourcing provider from Latin America assures you there won’t be language barrier, or dramatically different time zones.


This is thanks to the fact most nearshore outsourcing companies in the nearby area have qualified teams that can easily communicate in English, while also being in the same (or similar) time zone to you.


As a company, welcoming all the benefits and possibilities that nearshore solutions has to offer you is a must, especially nowadays, when globalization has make this possible! What are you waiting for?


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