When to use a CMS or a Framework

June 18, 2021

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I start this blog with both definitions, CMS and Frameworks are essential when a project to develop tools but, Which should I use?


To begin with, a "Framework" is a set of libraries that automate certain tasks, which serve as the basis for software development organization or represent a software architecture that provides a structure defined functionality and methodology work.


Using it, gets you an increase in security and has an optimized code, focused on developments from scratch, so basically the developer has more scope to perform certain projects.


When to use a CMS or a Framework


Among the main frameworks I can mention:

  • Angular
  • Symfony
  • Ruby On Rails
  • DJango




The main advantage of the framework is that it is very manageable, the developer can have total control over the development and full knowledge of the software architecture, but it takes a long time to develop a project in it and has no content management.



On the other hand, a CMS (Content Management System) lets you create a support structure for the creation and content management, primarily in web pages.


Some CMS' bring search engine optimization


Facilitates access and content management for final users, this allows non-technical users to easily add content to the site or portal.


Some examples of CMS are;


  • Drupal
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla




The main advantage is that with the CMS, development time is much shorter and provides all the tools you need for a project developer but does not allow to fully change programming or source code.


Currently Drupal is considered a CMF (Content Management Framework) technologies adapted as a CMS and Framework creating a new product. It has technologies a web framework as event handling, rendering engine and website builder services but also features technologies CMS as a UI to manage content, translations, installation of themes and administration UI users, roles and permissions, among others.





In conclusion one could say that depending on the type of project and its needs, a CMS or a Framework has an advantage.


If it is a minor or basic project, such as an informative website, it is recommended to use the CMS as it is easy to manage but if it is a more complex project, based on software development, it is much more advisable to develop based on a framework.


We'll be posting another blog post with a picture of solutions we recommend to develop framework or CMF / CMS!


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