Why is marketing automation the next big thing in online marketing

June 18, 2021


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Marketing automation refers to the process of automating your marketing strategies through a marketing software that allows you to integrate, automate, handle and manage all of your marketing tools in one place. It is a solution that takes care of repetitive yet important tasks such as email campaigns, social media handles and other web-related tasks and automates them for you, making the overall process easier and faster. This isn’t the first time we talk about marketing automation, actually, we have a full on blog where we talk about what [marketing automation is](https://www.rootstack.com/en/blog/what-marketing-automation-0), how it works and why you should implement it. We recommend you to read that blog first to get a better idea of what marketing automation is and then continue with this one. Trust us, you’ll find a lot of useful information there as well. ##Marketing automation vs regular online marketing strategies As many people might know by now, online marketing refers to the practices of promoting something through the internet, either by email, a website, online ads, or posts on social medias. Online marketing changed the way companies and brands used to market their products, migrating their efforts to the internet, and has been like that for the past couple of years. Regular online marketing strategies can be refer but not limited to: 1. Massive email marketing campaigns 2. Websites with unique content and ads 3. Paid Google Ads Regular posts on social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Facebook, Youtube) Through these sites and strategies marketers are able to promote a service or product and target a bigger audience than before. So, if this is regular online marketing, what is marketing automation, really? Like we said before, marketing automation is the process of automating all of your marketing tools, platforms and tasks into a single marketing software, simplifying and streamlining repetitive tasks. What marketing automation does is taking all of these tools and platforms used in regular online marketing and automates certain tasks, making the overall process easier. In other words, marketing automation works alongside with online marketing, and acts as a solution that helps companies automate important yet repetitive and time consuming tasks regarding their marketing plans. ##How does marketing automation works Marketing automation works through a marketing software that systematizes, automates and streamlines current marketing campaigns, merging all of the platforms together and centralizing that data as well. These marketing automation softwares take email, social media, blog posts, and websites campaigns and automates certain tasks regarding those platforms, making these processes easier for everyone involved. To put it other ways, marketing automation software takes off the job of having to send campaigns at a specific time, and makes it possible to schedule them and send them when certain triggers happen (such as time or customer behaviour). It is thanks to this feature that marketers can create much more strategic and creative marketing campaigns that targets for their client’s need and actually cover what they want to see. In other words, marketing automation works by sending or publishing the right type of content, to the right type of users at the right time, creating a much more cohesive experience and constantly nurturing their leads. To sum things up, marketing automation: 1. Integrates all of your current marketing tools and strategies into a single software 2. Collects data from every interaction or communication channel (ad campaigns, emails, website visits...) 3. Streamlines different processes and tasks through different platforms 4. Helps you create unique, custom-made content for your specific target audience 5. Create personalized experiences for your regular customers ###So, why is marketing automation such a big deal? Marketing automation gives companies the opportunity to grow their marketing strategies and work with a software that suits for their current needs, but it’s also scalable and flexible, meaning it adapts along the way. Through this type of solution marketing teams can begin to automate heavy, time-consuming tasks involved in their marketing strategy, and center those efforts and resources into more important parts of their current marketing plan. Marketing automation is a sign of optimization, it helps your company optimize your cross-channel marketing campaigns, improve productivity levels, save time, and offer a more unique, personalized experience to each lead, customer and user, all while getting an insight on how these efforts are performing and working to fix any errors along the way. If you’re currently looking to implement this solution on your company but don’t know how or where to start, contact us! We are ready to help you improve your marketing campaign right now.