Why Use Mouseflow?

June 18, 2021


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In the ever changing world of marketing and the internet it is necessary to make sure that the content and structure inside our website is always functional and users understand it’s goal, for this is where a tool like Mouseflow comes into consideration . Mouseflow is a web based session replay and heat map tool utilized to visualize traffic analytics from websites. It allows you to have a real time look at the way users behave on websites, showing how they scroll, click, browse and consume the content on the website, it is basically a spy that lets you know what’s working and what isn’t working. The output of using this tool is to make the decision making agile by having access to clear and curated analytics, having an insight into user behavior gives you a wide advantage to improve marketing strategies, content creation and user experience. Besides that, knowing how users interact with our website will make us be able to understand what the user experience/navigation flow is like and use these analytics to improve either information structures, content blocks, CTAs and everything else that is involved in every user interaction. Overall, being able to see through the user’s eyes is a positive exercise to keep everyone involved in line on what is needed to do to improve the website or if the results are good then we’ll know that the website won’t need any more retouches and can start collecting additional data not exactly related to navigation but that can be used for marketing purposes, such as selecting the most visited and read content on the website and doing email campaigns about it. We have listed a few ways on how to use Mouseflow analytics for our advantage when it comes to marketing and user experience: - Reviewing recording sessions can give an insight into some mistakes in the website interface, superimposing blocks, overlapping titles, broken links and other similar bugs that might’ve escaped from the QA test. - Mouse tracking gives you an in depth look at how users use their mouse around your website, there are situations like “Click rage” where users feel like there’s a broken link or button and they just click until they quit the website. It’s also a helpful way to see where there should be links based on where users click. - Studying heat maps is helpful to see where most of the attention is going and what areas are literally “cold” and might use a hand in improving content or visual aspects. - Analising user behavior around links it’s helpful to improve conversion rates, some links might be more successful than others so being able to see how they perform results in selecting which links are actually doing the job and which of them can be replaced. These are only a few ways we wanted to point out on how Mouseflow can benefit a website, we stand by this tool because at Rootstack we even use it for our own website! As a part of our SEO Monitoring services, your brand’s website will receive advance analysis based on all the metrics provided by Mouseflow in order to achieve higher conversion rates and ensuring the success of your company.