Why a website is like a gym membership?

June 18, 2021


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![enter image description here](https://cms.rootstack.comhttps://cms.rootstack.com/sites/default/files/blog/img/gym.jpg) Each one of us is a user and customer of multiple places, we look with critical eye at the time to go to a place or hire a service and as a company we must be prepared not only to stand out from the competition but to provide an optimal service to our customers. For example, in a gym, members pay a fixed monthly fee to use the facilities, this payment should not be just for using the machines or attending spinning classes. You pay for a full service and the good service must be constant, since one enters the gym will affect the type of service you get the person who is at the reception, general cleaning of the place and machines, the local, others. If a day arrives where the machines are dirty or broken the user will start to lose interest and finally choose to go to another gym. This part of losing interest is what every company has to avoid, customer retention is one of the fundamental pillars to make the company work and increase or maintain sales. The same goes for the web, a website is the online face of the company, if the user sees an outdated, complicated site, full of information without features other than the "typical informational website" will not have interest in knowing about services or what the company could offer. The initial strategy of every website has to be long term, not only develop an online tool, put our history and contact number. You must have extensive planning on the optimal and final use of the website that the company seeks to have. At the moment the user enters a website that provides all the tools or functionalities that he seeks and needs at that time will feel the trust of the company and will not look for other providers. In this situation, the company must exhaust the resources in retaining the client since it is not only It is not just about "selling" but about maintaining and retaining the largest number of customers. To better demonstrate the benefits of selecting your company as a provider you must: identify your target audience, create strategies based on the scope you want, meet the hiring of a web development company, create a dissemination plan and new functionalities that will go along with the growth of your company.