1st Drupalday Panama 2015

Hello everyone, Rootstack wants to do the 1st DrupalDay Panama 2015, on May 23 at our offices from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. We will have two areas of sessions, a frontend and a backend, where we pursue talks and sessions where we can fix bugs in certain modules and contribute to the community. Also from 12 pm we will have a bbq. I hope we have an event with much quorum !!! Agenda (Almost all sessions are going to be on Spanish):
Sessions Exhibitor Time

Utilizando Search API con Facets API Ivan Mendoza 9:15: a.m.
Views , creando nuestros campos personalizados. Roberto Cardenas 10:15: a.m.
Plugin manager de Drupal 8 Cristiano 11:15: a.m.


Twig con Drupal 8 Juan Daniel 9:15: a.m.
Mejorando la <div>itis en Drupal: Módulos de Front-end Juan Barba 10:15: a.m.

Drupal Oriented

CI para Drupal con Jenkins Diego Tejera 10:00: a.m.
Horizontal Drupal (English) Jason Flatt 11:00: a.m.
Nuevamente: porque contribuir a la comunidad? Diego Tejera y Juan Barba 12:00: p.m.
Time: 02:00 to 07:00
Registration: Open