Breakfast: Digital transformation in your organizations with Alfresco

Every day are more the organizations with future vision that add to the digital transformation. Be part of this transformation in your organizations with different strategies and / or tools. That is why we invite you to this breakfast with the aim of showing you how [Alfresco]( can be your ally for change. An open source platform for content management that allows you to manage from simple administrative documents, through flow process and providing greater security to your documents. ##Breakfast room:: - What is digital transformation in organizations? - How to make your business flow by minimizing paper generation in your processes? - Market Trends in Digitization Issues - Comparative Document Management Solutions - Alfresco Features (Demo) - Questions, Answers ####**Place:** Rootstack Offices, Martin Luther King (IPA). Casa #10. Hato Pintado. City of Panamá Panamá. ####**Audience:** - Managers / Technology Managers - Human Resource Managers / Managers - Finance Managers / Managers
Time: 01:00 to 01:00
Registration: Open