Breakfast: Dissecting web and mobile solutions to automate customer services

Be part of our first breakfast of 2016! Discover a web solution for self management of services by customers, to automate the process of service management, lower the costs of operations and improve customer loyalty, which in turn makes a market share increase. The topics will be:
  • Analysis and breakdown of web and mobile solutions
  • The uniqueness of each client and service offerings based on their previous purchases
  • Increase customer responsiveness through a unique and specialized customer service
  • More effective promotions
  • Payment gateway integration and recurring payments
  • Implementing a virtual branch to automate processes / services
This will be a free of charge event, in which we want to share our knowledge with you, as to contribute in the development of your business, in the highly competitive market.
Time: 01:30 to 02:30
Registration: Open