Breakfast: Drupal 8 as a CMF platform for the Telecommunications and Media organizations

Come to our 2nd breakfast of 2016 We will be exploring topics related to the new "Drupal 8" platform, which is being used to replace existing systems and develop new projects, being the CMF of choice for many companies in the Telecommunications and Media area. We will delve topics such as: - Drupal 8 vs others CMS/CMF - Why adopt Drupal 8 as a Telecommunications and/or Media company? - Advantages and benefits - How Drupal meets the needs of Web modernization? - Mobile - Multi platform publications - Expandability - Design/flexibility to redesign - Multi language publications - Scalability and performance - Search engines and marketing strategy - Security - How to migrate to Drupal 8? - Rebuilding from scratch - Content migration - Improvements on the website This will be a totally free event, in which the topics will be covered as a 75% technical / 25% non-technical. We want to share our knowledge with as to contribute in the advancement and development of your business in today's highly competitive market.
Time: 01:30 to 01:30
Registration: Open