Breakfast SMACSS and BEM: Methods for writing best styles

The typical development of a website is based on the assumption that the design or technical specifications of the site will not change during the course of development. However, this is rarely the case, because as the website begins to evolve it starts taking form. The layout of the pages will grow and change over time due to new sections and pages are constantly added. If the code of a site is poorly structured and development does not follow a set of established rules, the site becomes more and more difficult to maintain. This is very likely to happen with our styles. This breakfast will discuss two approaches that complement each other in creating our themes so no matter the changes and evolutions in our projects; we will not lose our heads. Topics:
  • Current workflow analysis
  • Introduction to SMACSS
  • Introduction to BEM
  • Case studies on how to apply these methods
Directed to:
  • Developers / Front End Developers
  • Project managers
Focus of the event
  • Practical - informative
  • ** Free event
    Time: 01:30 to 02:30
    Registration: Open