Breakfast: Technologies and Solutions Government Entities 2.0

Be part of our breakfast for Government Entities! I hereby wish to invite you to our first breakfast “Government 2016”, where we will analyze possible tech solutions to your organization. Topics to cover:
  • Most used Frameworks & CMF’s by governments abroad
  • Examples of success stories in government web solutions
  • Separating the business layer and the presentation layer and integration through web services
  • References regarding other successful technologies used by other governments:
    • Symfony
    • Drupal
      • Drupal 8 and its proposal for governments
      • Examples of of a CMF exclusively built for governments:
        • OpenGov
        • Agov: a CMS in drupal 8 for Australian government entities
    • Implementing AngularJS with our web services
  • Integrating the API's of our institution with MuleSoft or a SOA layer made from scratch
Do not miss the opportunity to learn about customized solutions and technologies that will help automate administrative processes. Free-of-charge event
Time: 01:30 to 02:30
Registration: Open