Digital transformation applied to your sales team

###**Rootstack** **Alejandro Oses** CEO / Co - Fundador *Alejandro is always thinking up new strategies to help meet his clients’ needs.* ###**Evolve Your Sales Team With Rootnet CRM** - How to make an effective flow of communication between a business manager and the sales team, using "Sprints and Scrums" - Managing our Sales Team in an Agile CRM - Using Rootnet Sales Analytics as to have the right market penetration information ###**Agile Sales .pro ** **Rafael Igual** *Business Partner Latam & Certified Consultant Agile Sales & Marketing Institute* ###**Agile Sales Transformation: How to Transform and Align Marketing + Sales in the Digital Customer Era?** - Challenges, keys and opportunities to align and integrate with Marketing and Sales as to overcome the great challenges of the digital age. - How to efficiently and effectively use the marketing/advertising and sales resources as to achieve business goals. - How to overcome the assigned quota knowing and analyzing the life-cycle of a social, mobile and digital customer (B2B, B2C). - How to automate and optimize marketing and sales funnels through automation & a CRM as to generate leads and convert them to final sales, reducing costs of acquisition, retention and recurrence of customers. - How to equip yourself with strategies, techniques and sales/marketing tools with the Agile Sales Process methodology to reach short-term productivity (Digital Sales Machine). For free registration to this event [enter here](https://rootnetapp.com/en/content/digital-transformation-applied-your-sales-team)
Time: 01:00 to 03:00
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