Symfony + Drupal unconference

#Symfony + Drupal unconference# **We invite you to participate in this unconference where we can have fun and learn together. It is a different event because it does not have an itinerary and we the public decides what to speak about.** **How does it work?** All participants can propose topics to discuss or talk about and within an hour, the topics are determined and will be spoken about at the unconference, democratically and without much formality. **Are you interested in an specific topic?** You just need to bring your code and presentation to expose your subject so that others can learn. Remember if you have questions, concerns or would like to discuss an issue about any of the technologies you are welcome to do so. Also, if you know about a certain technology, we invite you to come so that everyone can share their knowledge. **Technologies to discuss** - Drupal 8 / 7 - Symfony  3 / 2 - Technologies related to Drupal and Symfony **Place:** UIP **Date:** 24th of September 2016 **Requirements:** Bring your laptop!
Time: 02:00 to 06:30
Registration: Open