Tools for Intrapreneurs: Tactics and Tips for Rapid Application Development

> "Move fast and break things..." - Mark Zuckerberg Do you believe in the power of innovation? Do you have ideas about how to improve your existing business? Are you an entrepreneur at heart working within a larger company? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are an intrapreneur. Intrapreneurs are entrepreneurs within large organizations. They believe in action. They believe in taking risks. They are focused on getting results. For intrapreneurs, job descriptions are mere guidelines. They put the success of the business first in all that they do. They are relentless in finding innovative ways to improve their company. That said, delivering projects within an company can be tough. Intrapreneurs often find themselves confined within the existing rules and processes of their company. They see the potential but have responsibilities and existing ways of doing things that make innovation difficult. Further, innovation at the corporate level often costs serious money. The intrapreneur must navigate process, politics, and budgets. But of course, the most indelible mark of the intrapreneur is the desire to succeed. Intrapreneurs are relentless. If you have the drive and the passion, this webinar provides the tools. If you have the desire, we will show you the way. This webinar provides the strategies and tactics intrapreneurs need to deliver the innovation their companies need. --- Attend this webinar to learn the top tips for delivering innovative projects on time, under budget, and above expectations. ## You will learn: 1. How to generate ideas for innovative internal projects 2. How to validate your idea before spending money 3. How to translate your idea into technical requirements 4. How to choose a team of developers to build your idea 5. How to manage the development of your project 6. How to launch your project At the end of this webinar you will have a strategy for generating and putting into practice ideas that will help your business improve. These techniques work whether you are a seasoned software developer, a manager with a large team, or a fresh-faced new hire working the mail room. If you are interested in getting your project started right now (and not next quarter AKA never), in paying fair prices for developers, and if you want developers and PMs with real expertise, you should give Rootstack a call. Rootstack offers contract developers and consultants - this means you get expert help when you need it. Want to test out an idea - we can have a developer working on your idea tomorrow. Decide the next day you want to cancel? No problem. Our process is much faster (and less expensive) than hiring a full-time developer. The days of using offshore developers solely to save a buck are over. Savvy business leaders know better. More and more companies are turning to offshore firms not for just cost-savings but for technical expertise and domain experience. Offshore market leaders work to bolster their client's teams - not eliminate jobs. ## Offshore development offers several advantages: 1. Speed of implementation and delivery 2. Technical Expertise 3. Financial Flexibility 4. Easy integration with your existing team That said, successfully completing an offshore project introduces new challenges. And while the right offshore firm will guide you through this process, there are a few things you should know to ensure the highest probability of success for your next project. Attend this webinar to learn more Rootstack has 7 years of experience delivering digital projects that bring business success to worldwide clients
Time: 07:30 to 08:30
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