Workshop: Business Analysis of Automatic IT Processes. Using Rootnet Workflow-BPM Suite

Rootnet Intranet Automate all your internal and external work, exploit the power to manage the potential and human talent of your employees regardless of the size of your company, make them more productive and generate the most simple, intuitive and natural way automatically. its processes: . Increase the collection. . Payments to suppliers. . Refund approvals. . Start an external and internal request process. . Automatic studies of credit approvals. . Vacation authorizations. . Electronic sales process. . and a great etc. Only the sky is the limit of the possible Automation with Rootnet Intranet - Workflow. Do not miss the opportunity to meet and learn this valuable tool for your team and increase your profitability and success, register in our workshop.
Time: 08:30 to 12:30
Registration: Open