Workshop: Commercial processes Analysis. Using the Rootnet CRM suite.

CRM or customer relationship is based on a sales management model with the entire organization related to customers. The closest concept is relational marketing (as used in Spain) and has a lot of relationship with other concepts such as: clienting, 1x1 marketing, direct database marketing, etc. The CRM software can include several functionalities to manage the sales and the clients of the company: automation and sales promotion. An important aspect of CRM is that it collects data from a variety of different communication channels, including the website, phone, email, live chat, marketing materials and, more recently, the company's social networks. . CRM can help you optimize methodologies: . Pipeline & Forecast. . Control and management of the sales funnel. . Prospecting, Nurturing and Marketing Automation together with the funnel. . Projection of cash flow from the Forecast. . With our suite you can control all the variables and keep all the control of your customer relationship automated. Our Rootnet suite is secure, elastic, based on OpenSource, can grow with your needs and sales team, is flexible, can be integrated with any third party platform, has a simple, intuitive interface, completely customizable and you can define your own Funnel of sales and its cost is very low, which offers a gain-to-investment ratio where profits significantly exceed the investment, apart, our suite Rootnet is usable from the cloud as a SaaS and also saves you operating expenses, labor liabilities, tax on income, etc, allowing you to have greater economic gains. Do not miss the opportunity to know all the benefits for your sales team and definitely increase your profits, register in our workshop.
Time: 08:30 to 12:30
Registration: Open