<p>Description</p><p>We are seeking a C#/Angular Software QA Engineer to become an integral part of our team. We</p><p>are a nimble company where your ideas are implemented quickly, and everyone's voice is</p><p>important. This position would assist in leading the development and optimization of our cloud</p><p>hosted application through the next stages of scaling and growth. We are agile and embrace a</p><p>DevOps mindset, so experience with CD or a willingness to embrace the changes that come with</p><p>rapid deployments would be crucial.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Qualifications:&nbsp;</p><p>Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the</p><p>essential functions.&nbsp;</p><p> Understanding the flow of code and how it interacts with different components.&nbsp;</p><p> Understanding project documents, customer demands, and product objectives to create</p><p>and execute test cases.&nbsp;</p><p> Investigating customer problems referred to you by the development and</p><p>customer support team, testing bugs, and creating and managing bug reports and tracking</p><p>progress.&nbsp;</p><p> Working with deployments teams, resolving level issues for systems, coordinating on</p><p>product design, and offering inputs on the testability of functional elements and product</p><p>designs.</p><p> Noting all testing actions, you have performed in daily and weekly reports.</p><p> Researching test tools, methodologies, and trends and upgrading existing practices and</p><p>processes.</p><p> Managing the final quality on production release.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Requirements:</p><p> At least 6+ years of QA/development experience</p><p> Excellent communication skills B2+ minimum</p><p> Experience in testing microservice and serverless computing architectures&nbsp;</p><p> Experience in npm/nuget component library authoring and Azure DevOps Artifacts&nbsp;</p><p> Minimum 5 years’ experience in customer facing development testing</p><p> Minimum 3 years’ experience testing Microsoft Technology Stack including .NET/.NET</p><p>Core, WebAPI, IIS, Azure, Entity Framework/EF Core</p><p> Minimum 2 years’ experience in testing Angular single page apps&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p> Ability to work independently and with teams&nbsp;</p><p> Professional experience with Cucumber, Selenium, playwright + codeceptjs, JMeter &amp;</p><p>Postman&nbsp;</p><p> Able to test MS SQL and MongoDB&nbsp;</p><p> Able to work with developers on Testing Driven Development&nbsp;</p><p> Able to work with product managers and business analysts on Behavior Driven</p><p>Development</p><p> Strong understanding of SQL queries and stored procedures</p><p> Strong understanding of Azure DevOps, Azure Functions, Redis, and Event Hub</p><p> Strong desire to own the long-term health of an application</p><p> Excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing, with peers and non-</p><p>technical business users</p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><strong style="background-color: rgba(63, 67, 80, 0.04); color: rgb(63, 67, 80);">They should have at least 3 years (Mid) and 6 years (Senior) of experience with Automation testing, specifically .Net /C#, SQL, Rest APIs, and experience using Cypress and/or Selenium.</strong></p>

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