<p><strong>Los CV Se deben enviar </strong><strong style="color: rgb(34, 34, 34);">el CV completo con PH y work history</strong></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>Role:</p><p>In this role you will be working in building the next generation marketplace for real-estate</p><p>investments. You will work closely with the product, design and engineering teams on various</p><p>aspects of development that will include but not restricted to building framework, systems and</p><p>application development to enhance investor experience. As our ideal candidate you are a</p><p>seasoned engineer who likes working on hard problems. While you are comfortable working by</p><p>yourself, you love working as part of a team, and have strong collaboration skills. You are very</p><p>results focused and are energized by seeing how your work impacts the rest of the</p><p>organization. You are looking to make your mark, and want to be part of an organization that is</p><p>changing the way real estate is transacted.</p><p>Responsibilities:</p><p> Passionately architect, code, and advocate for scalability, reliability, maintainability and</p><p>reusability.</p><p> Support the development of product roadmaps.</p><p> Analyze problems and help create innovative solutions involving technology,</p><p>methodology, tools and solution components.</p><p> Ensure product quality and timeliness of work, provide advice and guidance, and resolve</p><p>problems to meet objectives.</p><p> Help develop new and refine existing processes to enhance quality and productivity.</p><p> Write server-side code for web-based applications.</p><p>Requirements:</p><p> Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent.</p><p> At least 6 years of experience in software development.</p><p> Solid experience with the .NET platform and possesses Enterprise application</p><p>development experience.</p><p> Solid programming experience with C#, Entity Framework, ASP.NET, MVC / Web API.</p><p> Expertise in designing and developing restful web services.</p><p> Experience in TDD / BDD.</p><p> Experience building Marketplaces is a plus.</p><p> Proficient in using design techniques, debugging skills; easily makes technology choices;</p><p>good technical and software development background.</p><p> Strong communication and collaboration skills. You like working across an organization.</p><p> Strong bias towards actions and delivering results.</p>

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