<p>About the Role:</p><p>As a software engineer, you will have autonomy to architect, build and operate components</p><p>of the delivery platform that are critical. You will collaborate with a talented team of full</p><p>stack developers, architects, designers, and product owners as you build game changing</p><p>solutions for the healthcare industry. You’ll play a key role on an Agile team, in a work</p><p>environment that embraces hybrid and remote settings as well as flexible hours.</p><p>An example of a developer experience that Logistics Engineering team members have, is</p><p>building (maybe even designing) a feature for one of our product lines. This will include</p><p>backend microservices and frontend components, integration tests, and maintaining the</p><p>feature in a production environment. We are big on the concept of ownership; you will own</p><p>the delivery of your code, and you will own its upkeep including documentation for a</p><p>potential handoff.</p><p>You will grow, learn, and be challenged by working across many technology stacks that go</p><p>across build and deployment systems. You will have opportunities to pursue the type of</p><p>work and technologies that interest you, in alignment with our mission and vision.</p><p><br></p><p>What will you learn?</p><p> Building and operating resilient services that are observable with key metrics and</p><p>visualize them in Grafana dashboards</p><p> Leveraging AWS services such as Lambda, EKS, S3, EC2, RDS</p><p> Designing and writing HTTP and RESTful APIs</p><p> Designing reusable deployment pipelines in Spinnaker using kustomize and pipeline</p><p>templates</p><p> Researching, evaluating, implementing, and operating extensions to delivery</p><p>platform</p><p>What we use today:</p><p><br></p><p> Java, Python, Go, JavaScript, react, bash, AWS, Azure, Prometheus, Loki, Grafana,</p><p>Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Ansible, Spinnaker, git</p><p>What we Expect:</p><p> Bachelor&amp;#39;s degree in Computer Science or a related technical field involving software</p><p>engineering, or equivalent practical experience</p><p> 6 years of experience with an object oriented or functional programming language</p><p> Experience programming in one of the following areas: Java/Javascript (with one of</p><p>these frameworks: React/Vue/Angular)</p><p> Experience with Microservices</p><p> Experience with RestAPIs</p><p> Experience with SQL and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB</p><p>Bonus Points</p><p> Experience with observability</p><p> Experience with full life cycle development</p><p> Interest in developing services as well as the underlying infrastructure</p>

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