Cypress: benefits of working with this testing tool

Cypress: benefits of working with this testing tool



There are multiple reasons to use this continuous testing tool, let's see the most important ones:


Cypress is universal


When compared to other automation tools and frameworks, Cypress stands out for its universality, as it is written in JavaScript and is based on Mocha and Chai. Also, it uses Node.js when running in browsers.


Being based on JavaScript gives it this universality as it is a main language used by developers to build most web sites and applications. Cypress tests are done in this language, making them easy to use for all users familiar with this language.


Easy setup


If the person already has experience with Selenium, starting automation tests with Cypress will not mean much of a problem. You just have to select the necessary dependencies and libraries and that's it, you can start testing.


With Cypress, the dependencies and libraries are already in place and do not require any prior configuration. Also, this tool comes with Chrome browser, so there is no need to set up a complex environment either. It also gives the option to try any other browser installed on the local machine.


Bug debugging capability


In a Perfecto article they explain “You can debug your web applications with Cypress quickly and easily. When tests fail, you get suggestions on how to fix the defect. From there, you can debug directly from the Chrome DevTools. In addition, Cypress supports capabilities like Time Travel and real-time reload, so developers can examine their website's code during and after a test run.”


Quick test run


With a response time of less than 20MS, fast test execution is one of Cypress's best-known benefits. It has built-in auto-wait, which means you don't need to define implicit and explicit waits, as it automatically waits for loading of DOM, animation, elements and others.


Another aspect where Cypress demonstrates its speed is in the execution of subsequent tests automatically after executing the first one, eliminating downtime and having to manually activate the next test.


The Active Cypress Community


As a free and open-source technology, Cyrpress has a large community worldwide. It also has a paid version with more advanced features which are useful for debugging and video storage. Due to the growing interest in this tool, the community on GitHub, Gitter and StackOverflow has grown exponentially. It also has strong documentation.

What is the difference between Cypress and other similar technologies?

It differs from other testing tools because it is designed to test like a real user, which means that it will test commands and assertions until you get a final answer.

Where does Cypress operate?

This easy-to-use tool operates directly in the browser using a novel DOM manipulation technique, allowing front-end developers and QA engineers to write automated web tests while simultaneously eliminating software or application weaknesses. Web.