Azure is a public cloud computing platform, with great 

solutions for your company.

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Azure services for companies


Azure Virtual Machines

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) that allows companies to deploy and manage virtual machines running Windows or Linux in the cloud.


Azure App Service

Platform as a service (PaaS) for building, deploying, and scaling web applications and APIs using multiple programming languages and frameworks.


Azure Functions

Allows businesses to run event-driven functions without managing infrastructure, ideal for building microservices and event-driven architectures.


Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Managed Kubernetes service for orchestrating containerized applications, providing scaling, deployment, and management of containerized applications.

Why Azure?


The data you store in your cloud system will be protected, avoiding any cyber attack.

Open source

Azure supports all languages ​​and frameworks, being one of the most versatile storage systems on the market.


It has easy-to-use capacity management that will not take much time from the team, being able to focus on other tasks.