A virtual container where developers can create and package their applications.

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Docker services for your company


Docker Engine

The core service that enables containerization. Docker Engine allows you to create, manage, and run containers on a single machine.


Docker Hub

Docker Hub is a cloud-based registry service that allows you to share and manage Docker container images.


Docker Desktop

Docker Desktop is a tool for creating and sharing containerized applications on your desktop.


Docker Enterprise

Docker Enterprise is a commercial offering that provides additional features and support for running Docker in production environments.

Reasons to hire Docker


It allows developers to focus without having to worry about whether it will run or not.


Docker can change your code and modify it to fit what you need to do.


You can standardize your processes and work faster when it comes to software development.


Simplify code development for cloud applications.

  • Initial meeting

    You will be able to get to know our team and our culture. Assertive communication and teamwork are our pillar.

  • Project estimate

    The project, the timeline, resources, architecture, the project roadmap and its quote are planned.

  • Execution

    Project execution begins, with weekly review of scope and progress. The final product of the project is delivered.

  • Managed services

    Available once the project is completed, to continue working on updates and improvements to the project.

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