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Recruitment process automatically


Performs the recruitment process automatically in a matter of minutes through a search robot that helps you much faster, saving time and accelerating results

With cybersecurity Protect your data effectively


Cyber attacks aim to access, modify or destroy confidential information; cybersecurity focuses on keeping software and devices free from threats and your information completely secure.

AI Chatbots, the best tool for your company


With enough learning and constant development, the chatbot will understand what your users are looking for, this will help you better manage your customer service.

Discover the wonder of Chatbots


We tell you that it is a chatbot so you can automate conversations and interact with users through various platforms.

Our numbers this 2021


We want to share with you how grateful and happy we are to be part of the growth of many companies this year and support them in their digital transformation, all of this was teamwork and you are part of this wonderful story.

Managed Teams

Rootstack provides a full team of software engineers with all the profiles you need to manage and execute your project while focusing on your core business.

Take advantage of the knowledge of highly qualified professionals who can lead your project to success.


Ready to take your company to the next level?