Artecasa's next level inventory management app

Digital times call for digital solutions, inventory management doesn't have to be a handful of work anymore. There are a vast variety ofinventory automation options to make the process of obtaining product and stock information a smooth experience.


Identifying our needs


Artecasa needed a solution that helped them obtain inventory information at any time without much hassle, they didn't want to keep going back to their ERP system every single time. So we listened and delivered an application that provided them with this a much more because of its integration capabilities.


Our best inventory management services


Our services don't stop at mobile applications, as a solutions agency we can provide software based on your company's needs, from desktop software to integrable cloud-hosted applications. Sky's the limit!


Download our whitepaper right now where we explain everything we did for Artecasa and the benefits that an inventory management application can have for your company!