The ATP new mobile application

ATP is the Tourist Authority of Panamá or Autoridad de Turismo de Panamá, in spanish. It’s a government institution responsible for fomenting, encouraging and protecting tourist in the country of Panama.


They have been successfully managing everything related to the tourist aspect of the country for over 58 years now, creating different tourist campaigns and working relentlessly on showing all the great things Panama has to offer to tourist from all around the world.


That being said, they came to Rootstack looking for help to create a new and exciting platform that could make tourism accessible for anyone, anywhere, and we helped them create this incredible application.


Objectives of the case of study:


  1. Show how a massive government facility needed to update their outdated marketing systems.

  2. Highlight the importance of maintaining relevance by marketing national tourism via a mobile application.

  3. Explain how Rootstack successfully created a platform adaptable to mobile that could be accessible for anyone, anywhere, that would suit the government's and user’s necessities.

Objectives of the project:


  1. Completely adapt the structure of the actual site for the new API that would be used on the mobile Application

  2. Creation of the new API for the mobile application

  3. Creating a mobile application for Visit Panama for Android and iOS

  4. Configure the analytics dashboard in Google Play and App Store



  1. Tourists from all over the world (Including Panamanians)


Project description:


Rootstack managed to create and develop a mobile application that was targeted towards showcasing all the great things Panama has that every tourist would enjoy.


The application showcases events that are relevant to your current location in Panama, so you can go to all the events that are currently happening somewhere near you.


However, if you’re a tourist who is currently outside of Panama but thinking about traveling, you can still have access to the application and see all the relevance events happening in the upcoming days and weeks.


Rootstack strived to create an application that showed you tailored events that would spike your curiosity and make you want to travel, but also created an app orientated to help you choose what to do.


We managed to do this by implementing a simple yet interactive dashboard that automatically shows options like “where to go” “activities” and “events” all happening in Panama.


Each category is divided into the different sections or regions of the country, so the user can choose where they want to go based on where they are or what they want to explore


Rootstack understood the challenge of explaining a whole country to a new tourist, and managed to put useful information about each city and region of the country within the app, showcasing very important info such as:


  1. A background about history of the region.

  2. What to do/what to see in each region.

  3. Fun activities to do.

  4. How to plan your trip (Including housing, tours and more)

  5. Integrated maps of the region.


The application focuses on showing three main things that cater to tourists, which are:

  1. Where to go: Shows all the different regions of Panama and what each one has to offer you.

  2. Activities: Shows all the fun activities you can engage in while you’re in the country depending on what you like (Go to the beach, spending time in the nature, exploring the culture, etc)

  3. Events: Shows all the upcoming events happening near you, including date, time and what the event is about.



  1. It helps the government of Panama showcasing all the great things and tourist spots the country has to offer to foreign travelers.

  2. Attracts more tourists and helps them move around the country in an easier way.

  3. Helps bring the way we perceive tourism to a whole new level, adapting the way people travel with by implementing current technologies.