Best Practices for QA Automation




Software testing and QA services aim to ensure that any software meets the highest quality standards in the industry and undergoes extensive manual and automated testing methodologies.


The term QA Automation refers to the process of automating this task, using different tools and software to achieve it. This process guarantees the quality of the projects under development, as well as freeing up the human staff to be able to focus on the most important details of the application or product.


Test automation handles many of the time-consuming tasks previously performed by manual testers. It is especially useful for continuous integration and delivery, where software is developed, tested, and deployed multiple times per day, rather than in stages.




QA and testing avoid major problems and inconveniences. Detecting fatal issues and failure points at an early stage prevents costly mistakes after the development process is complete, saving money and time.


In this whitepaper we will talk about the best practices when applying automated quality control in companies' technological projects, as well as the aspects to take into account when deciding on automatic or manual QA.

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