Diving Into the World of Nearshore Outsourcing



In a scenario where high-quality talent is scarce and hard to find, nearshore software outsourcing has become a popular alternative for businesses worldwide. This is especially true for countries like the United States and Canada that choose to work with Latin American tech companies as their preferred allies.


In 2020, a report from Statista states that in the US alone, the market size of the outsourcing industry is worth $132.9 billion, and this is expected to grow by 1.6% this year. This can help you visualize the importance of this industry, and it does not come as a surprise as nearshore outsourcing partners provide expertise, top quality results and increase productivity and efficiency at reduced costs.


In this whitepaper, we will go through the most important considerations for nearshore outsourcing and help you understand why you should start working with a trusted partner to boost your company’s technology transformation today.

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