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Case Study Objectives


  • Implementan application for mobile devices according to the business lines of your company, which is innovative and powerful.
  • Proposea unique or different launch of your app, integrating marketing campaigns during the development of the project to promote it.
  • Obtaina pleasant and different experience through a well-cared interface, optimizing the UI and UX of the application.


Case study audience

  • Media
  • Banks
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Food and Beverage
  • Entrepreneurs


mobile app developer




Mobile apps are part of the daily life of hundreds or thousands of people around the world. Only in Play Store (the store for Android devices), there are about 3 million apps available for download. What is positive for people who consume apps from that Operating System (OS). However, for each of those apps, there are between 10 to 20 apps that are usually competitions. Which is a critical thing to take into account?


We created this case study, with the sole objective that your business not only has an app but a whole ecosystem of comprehensive and customized solutions to obtain a 360 vision of this new type of business.


In the end, the idea of these strategies is:

  • Get new customers
  • To increase the loyalty of existing customers to increase their profitability.
  • Increase your advantages by providing another channel or product.


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Start your mobile app


Before starting with this point, I recommend you read the following blog that talks about the things you should take into account before developing an App. It is important to size up the mobile app project, the type of app you want to develop, and the updates you would like to add overtime to take into account in the development phase.


Marketing Automation Strategies


This point goes hand in hand with the development of the mobile app. From the beginning of the project, marketing strategies must be managed so that the customer base can be aware of the launch of their new mobile app. Likewise, carrying out campaigns through networks can help new prospects who were interested in your products/services to take them into account in the future.


Analytics Tools


When the project is delivered, you are interested in knowing who is using your app, at what time, what they are interested in knowing within their app, what they are looking for and above all, if they like your mobile app, for this we use different tools to measure with analytics each of these aspects, parameterizing the report you need to throw both in tables and graphs, helping you improve the app in general.


mobile app developer


Online Presence


When you already have an app and a Marketing Automation campaign running the online presence comes as an ally to strengthen your customer base by adding new contacts organically. Most people looking for people expect to find a website of your company, however, when we talk about apps, you can enhance these same search engines by adding value through social networks and Adwords in different sites of your target audience.


Progressive Web App


Progressive web applications help us to enjoy a mobile and web ecosystem at the same time, this feature helps you to use your applications from a web browser by adapting the visiting mode and customizing to different screen sizes. Within the PWA we can find apps such as telegram. Although the term is associated with eCommerce, the truth is that any type of apps can be developed on PWA and is strongly recommended.




Mobile development is constantly reinventing itself, and needs to be updated to keep up with the times. If it was important for our organization to have a website, today it is just as important to have a presence on mobile devices.


If you are an entrepreneur, you should consider having your own application from the beginning, so that your clients get used to it from the start and gain a competitive advantage by being pioneers in this field.


An important fact is that 84% of companies applying mobile technology claim to have increased productivity in the last year thanks to mobility policies, while 75% also claim to have generated more income. Another aspect analyzed in the study has been the return on investment (ROI). According to the data obtained, 79% of the companies surveyed claim to have been able to measure the impact of mobile strategies in a positive way, and 65% even claim to have a formal and technological process in place for this purpose.


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