Everything You Need To Know About Drupal



Rootstack has vast experience building thousands of websites with Drupal for companies across all industries. Together with our expert software engineers and our A+ teams, we have experimented with diverse techniques and methodologies to find what works best to produce outstanding results. In this whitepaper, we will share some of the knowledge that we consider essential to be successful when developing platforms with Drupal. Let’s get started!


Build for the Users


Before starting any web project, we should always put the user first. Being software developers, we often get excited about new technologies, but we forget who will be using the platform we are building. Our end users are at the core of everything we do. They guide design, features, functionalities, and everything in between. The whole point of working with different technologies is to find the best way to solve our user’s pain points. Without prioritizing this, projects lose their core and go awry.


When working with Drupal, delivering an excellent experience to our content editors should always be our priority. Out-of-the-box Drupal could look basic compared to other CMS in terms of content editing, but that is part of its beauty. Drupal provides a solid base so you can build on top of it the perfect editing workflow and tools that can adapt to any website's unique needs. Learn about the main advantages of Drupal for your company.

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