Top features for mobile apps: Part I



Mobile apps are programs whose main objective is to build an interface focused on performing tasks from smartphones or tablets. They can share many similarities with desktop applications but the main difference is the device and, with it, the objective changes: a mobile app seeks that the user can carry out the same tasks as on the desktop, but from another device, with the same ease and optimal performance.


Considering that the device is different, the arrangement of the elements must also be: the screens can be larger or smaller, this means that we can show more or less information, and that the tools to interact with the device are also different. The design of a mobile app is essential.


Although each app has unique objectives and characteristics, there are some functionalities that must exist to guarantee its operation no matter what the application is about and what its purpose is.


mobile app


There are many elements necessary for a mobile app to function correctly and the characteristics and requirements can be infinite, but the objective of this document is to propose a work strategy and a reference framework to guarantee that the basic functionalities to develop an app exist and they meet the minimum requirements established.

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