UX evaluation methods in a redesign



Usability is the most important feature that a software solution should have, be it a mobile application or a website. In both cases, the user experience is what will define the success or failure of a certain platform, so it is essential to guarantee usability in the UX design. Good usability allows the user to navigate through a platform in an effective and efficient way, being able to use a service or application by simply locating all the functions they need.


For this reason, it is essential to run a UX evaluation when redesigning an app or web page, applying various methods to determine the usability of these platforms and how much it satisfies the needs of their users.


What is UX Design?


UX design, or UI for short, is the actual graphic design of a mobile application or website. This covers the buttons the user clicks, the text they read, the images they see, the controls they slide around the app, the text input fields, and everything else they interact with.


A UI designer also takes care of the transitions, the animations of the application interface and all the micro-interactions that the user has with the AI.

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