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A managed team is an IT team that is managed by an external IT service provider. The service provider takes care of the management and maintenance of the equipment, allowing the company to focus on its core business. Managed equipment can include servers, storage, networks, and end-user devices.

“Rootstack has provided us with the expert talent we need to make our tech projects a reality. Their teams were able to start working right away with deep-subject matter expertise on the challenges that we presented"

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Pharmaceutical Company

“Working with Rootstack has been a wonderful experience. They have truly helped us improve our site design and performance, allowing our business to grow and stand out in the online world”


Financial Institution

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Hiring an outsourcing team in your company can help you in many ways. 

Shortage of skills and knowledge

Managed teams provide access to highly trained and experienced professionals in various areas, helping to overcome the lack of specialized skills and knowledge in a company's internal team. They can cover gaps in technical skills, such as software development, cyber security, data analysis, among others.

Work overload

When a company is faced with an overwhelming workload or additional projects that exceed the capacity of its internal team, managed teams can alleviate this overload. They provide additional and flexible resources to manage additional tasks and projects, ensuring they are completed efficiently and within set deadlines.

IT maintenance and support

The maintenance and support of IT systems can be a challenge for many companies. Managed teams are responsible for the management and ongoing maintenance of IT systems, including updates, performance monitoring, troubleshooting, and cyber security. This allows companies to keep their operations smooth and focus on their core business without worrying about technology infrastructure.


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