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We specialize in creating scalable, secure, and high-performance systems that serve as the backbone of your applications, ensuring seamless user experiences and efficient operations.

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Rootstack Backend Development Services


API development

We create application programming interfaces (APIs) to enable communication between frontend and backend systems. 


Database design and management

We define schemas and implement data models to store and retrieve application data efficiently. 


User authentication and authorization

We implement user authorization and authentication mechanisms to protect access to application resources. 


Server-side logic

We write server-side code to handle business logic, process requests, and generate dynamic content. 


Why work with Rootstack?

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    While our experts take care of backend development, the rest of our team will focus on UX.
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    We help your company in multiplatform development, increasing its reach.
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    We handle the most modern tools for backend and frontend development.
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    We react quickly to code issues thanks to our +14 years of experience.

Main features of Backend Development



The backend should be optimized for speed and efficiency


The backend should be designed to scale horizontally or vertically.


A good backend should be reliable, meaning it can operate consistently without errors.


involves Implementing measures to protect data integrity, prevent unauthorized access

Why hire backend development experts?

Streamline development

Optimize costs

Focuses on business

Work with developer frontend

They focus on code quality

Develop functionalities

Create custom software

Guide the projects

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These are some of the solutions we have for your business needs

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Rootstack supported an important company via Staff Augmentation in the development and implementation of a ticket system using Python.
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These are some of the solutions specially designed for your needs

We are experts in developing loyalty programs that boost business.
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We are experts in implementing point-of-sale systems that boost business.
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We create virtual offices so you can optimize your processes and offer better service.
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We are experts in the development of intranet apps that improve the agility of companies.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Security is critical for my app. How does backend development address that?

Backend developers prioritize security. They implement measures like user authentication, data encryption, and secure coding practices to safeguard your app from vulnerabilities and protect user information.

I want an app that can grow with my business. Can backend development help?

Backend developers use scalable technologies to ensure your app can handle increasing user traffic and data demands. They build the application with future growth in mind, allowing it to adapt and expand seamlessly.

My team isn't technical. Can backend developers handle everything on the server-side?

Yes! Backend developers are experts in server-side programming and database management. They'll take care of everything behind the scenes, allowing your team to focus on the user interface and overall functionality.

What kind of results can I expect from backend development?

A robust and secure application! Backend development delivers a reliable foundation that translates your vision into a functional and efficient app, ensuring a positive user experience.


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