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Mejora la eficiencia-2

Improves efficiency

Going through emails, setting up meetings, phone calls and sending documents are very time-consuming tasks. An intranet-based solution will keep all of these tasks centralized in one interface.

Simplifica el ingreso de empleados-2

Simplified employee onboarding

New employees joining projects in the middle of their development can quickly get used to the company’s workflow and methodologies by having easy access to self-help modules.

Intercambio de conocimientos-2

Knowledge sharing

Having a platform where all employees can interact encourages them to share knowledge and ideas by connecting with similar peers, posting blogs, articles or papers inside the platform for everyone to see.

Enriquece la cultura de la compañía-2

Enriches company culture

Allowing your employees to connect and interact more through an intranet platform will create bonds between employees, company culture will be enriched.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key benefits of using an intranet?

The key benefits include improved internal communication, streamlined document management, enhanced collaboration, centralized access to company resources, and increased employee engagement.

How does an intranet improve communication within a company?

An intranet improves communication by providing a centralized platform for sharing news, updates, and announcements, hosting discussion forums, and enabling direct messaging and collaboration tools among employees.

What types of features are commonly found in an intranet?

Common features include document repositories, company news and announcements, employee directories, discussion forums, project management tools, calendars, and integration with other business applications.

How can an intranet enhance employee productivity?

An intranet enhances productivity by providing easy access to necessary resources, reducing the time spent searching for information, facilitating collaboration on projects, and automating routine tasks, allowing employees to focus on more strategic activities.


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