10 Worst Mistakes Beginner Software Developers Make

November 15, 2022

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One of the trades that are constantly on the rise is that of software developers. Digitization, more than a dream, is the reality of millions of companies around the world, and to carry out their projects and platforms, the presence of a software developer or a software provider is essential.


Searching for and hiring a software programmer can be complex: there are different profiles in the technology industry and you have to know how to choose the ones you are going to hire very well for your project to be successful.


Characteristics of a good software developer


  • A good software developers knows how to adapt to any context, knowing how to face unforeseen events with a cool head and solutions in mind.
  • He manages his times optimally and knows how to organize himself to meet project deadlines.
  • He knows how to work as a team, delegating responsibilities and synchronizing his work with that of his colleagues.
  • He has confidence in his ideas and always proposes solutions and improvements to the project.
  • He has the skills to communicate in a timely and efficient manner with his teammates and superiors.
  • He is constantly learning as technology evolves at every moment.


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Beginner software developers mistakes


But, if we are talking about beginner software developers, what we just read above may vary a bit. They are starting their career in software development, so they are just learning about programming languages and workflows.


It is very easy to fall into these rookie mistakes, so we point them out here so that programmers avoid them in their careers, and companies avoid having this type of profile on their teams.


1. Not knowing what you want to be


It is very common for aspiring software developers to want to learn a lot of tools, because they think that by knowing everything they have a better chance of getting good projects.


But according to the Spanish technology programmer and YouTuber, Víctor Robles, it is essential to know beforehand what you want to do or what kind of software product you would like to create.


"You can't ask me what I learn, how I learn, what I do, if you don't tell me what you want to do," he emphasized, indicating that there are many branches in the world of programming. You can dedicate yourself to the development of video games, Android and iOS apps, web development, etc.


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2. Not having a defined plan


Going blindly, without a growth or study plan in the world of software development, is not the best option to grow as a professional.


“When there is no defined plan, we are disoriented, we are now learning Angular and tomorrow we go to React and then we get tired and we go to Vue, and we don't know any of the three”, he said.


He recommends making a plan and learning technologies and tools in a specific order and following through with discipline. Do not jump from one technology to another without having fully mastered the one you are studying.




3. Diversify too much


Sometimes, because you want to cover many areas of development, you end up half knowing without specializing in anything. Víctor Robles recommends that you focus on a single area in order to become an expert.



4. Learning too many programming languages at once


The expert insists that an aspiring software developer should not start learning a new tool, technology or language until they have mastered the one they are currently studying.


“There is a myth that you can learn to program and master several technologies and languages at the same time, learning them at the same time (...) according to my philosophy, this is not correct, because the concepts get tangled up in your head . Master one thing first”, he stated.


This habit of learning several technologies at the same time comes from the rush in the industry to do everything quickly, but in the world of programming, everything takes time and you must have a lot of patience.


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5. Thinking that one programming language is better than another


Each programming language works, they fulfill their functions, they do their thing, so there is no need to compare one with another. Technically, they all work. What is certain is that there are some languages that are more in demand than others, so that is where programmers can focus.


You can learn to work in one of the most demanded programming languages, because that will make it easier to find projects and job opportunities.


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6. Trying to memorize everything


What Víctor Robles recommends is learning concepts and how to apply them with the languages you know. For the rest, each tool has its corresponding documentation that you can review as you need it, without being forced to learn any process by heart.


“It seeks to increase your programming skills, development skills, the ability to relate concepts, the ability to know how to use languages, but you don't have to know everything by heart”, he emphasizes.


7. Thinking that searching the Internet is useless


Many programmers think that searching Google for a solution to their problem is a weakness, or that it means that they are not well prepared, that they are not professionals.


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"Even the top engineer at Google is looking every day in the documentation of everything he uses", he notes, revealing that it is normal to search for information and references on the Internet to do his job better.


8. Not practicing enough


Practice makes perfect, as a popular saying goes. So the key to being a great programmer is practice. The exceptional results they seek do not happen overnight. They are the result of many, many hours of daily practice.


9. Look for immediate results


Just as society lives fast, seeking immediate results in all aspects of life, this is also experienced in the world of software development. But it is one of the big mistakes.


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Being a good software developer is achieved step by step, stage by stage. Be clear about this since looking for quick results will only lead to frustration.


10. Looking to do big projects quickly without knowing how to program


In the professional world you have to be ambitious, right? That allows us to learn and advance. But a big mistake is wanting to do a big project, full of complexities, without knowing how to program or believing that programming can be learned in two days.


“You can't take a course that teaches you how to do the specific application you want to do. You can take a course that teaches you to program with a technology. And based on that knowledge, do the project you imagine. But first you have to learn”, he recommends.


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