101 on working with the client’s engineers

June 18, 2021

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nearshore development


As a technology related company, it is extremely probably you will have to work with engineers from other companies every once in awhile, especially if you’re planning to carry on with a really big and important project.


This is the case with Nearshore development and even Offshore development. Ultimately, you are working with engineers that belong to other companies, but are serving you for an specific period of time. During this period, you will want to carry on with your professional relationship as smoothly as possible. To help you do exactly that, here are a couple of useful tips to keep in mind.

nearshore development

101 on working with the client’s engineers

Have a meeting to know the technical expertise of the client

When working alongside engineers that aren’t part of your workforce there are certain things you need to keep in mind, and this is one of them. It is vital for you to have a meeting with them to know their technical expertise of their engineers.


This means finding out what tools do they use, if they’re working with the same technologies as your team are, how advance are they, what’s their work method and so on. The more you know, the better.


Be clear on the work methodology

This focuses on knowing how fast or slow are they capable of working. Knowing how the other engineers manage their time and the way they carry on different tasks. This is not so your team of engineers has to slow down their rhythm, but so that both parties can work in harmony.


Empathy is your best tool

When starting a new relationship with someone from outside your very own workforce, it is only natural to step in being distant. However, it is important to keep in mind that yes, this is a professional relationship, but empathy will take your further than acting unreachable.


Showing empathy isn’t about being nice, it’s about making them part of the team, explaining to them how things work, who to go to when there’s a problem, maintaining an open communication… Basically doing everything you can to encourage them to engage and be a part of what you do as a company.

nearshore development

Explain your work ethics

Engineers from other companies are much alike to clients in this matter. You will be working together to develop a great product or service, and it is paramount to set the work rules from the very first minute. This means showing them your company’s work ethic, explaining them how you carry on a project as a team, how you solve problems and face any difficulties, how you communicate between each other and such.


Make them a vital part of the project

When your are working with an engineer from another company, it is vital for you to make them an important part of the overall project. Not just someone that has to take care of certain things, fix them, and move on. Make them a part of the decision making process, allow them to explain their point of view and come up with new ideas. If they are already working on a project with you, the best thing to do is involving them in the decisions that directly affect said project.

nearshore development

Give them space to work

Yes, stating the rules from the beginning is a must, however, giving them enough space and liberty to do their work, which is help you develop a software and ultimately solve any problems that might show up along the way.


Try changing the narrative. Instead of giving them an specific list of tasks, let them know what the goal results are, what you want, and let them do their job (of course, always maniting an open communication channel between the both of you)


Working with engineers from other companies doesn’t have to be a tedious tasks. As a matter of fact, it can be the easiest thing in the world if you learn how to properly manage a relationship like this one.


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