Skills needed to be a successful QA Engineer

August 19, 2022

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The process of developing a web page or application is quite extensive and as it progresses tests must be done to verify that the code is written correctly and that the functions fulfill their purpose. This is precisely the job of a QA Engineer, or quality control engineer.


In Free Code Camp they explain “A quality assurance engineer (QA) is someone who tests software products throughout the development process. They make sure the product meets high-quality standards before releasing it to the public.”


Knowledge needed to be a QA or QA engineer


To become a quality control engineer, the person needs to have a professional degree in software engineering or a similar technical career, in addition to having experience in technological projects where they work with the construction of web pages, applications and tools of this magnitude.


Among the knowledge and skills that a QA must have are:


Attention to detail


A quality control engineer must have excellent attention to detail, and being aware of every aspect of the project when reviewing it in order to detect and correct any problems so that it is up to the level of quality necessary for the product.




A QA's communication skills must be close to perfect as they will be in constant conversation with partners, managers, developers, and everyone involved in creating the product. You must be able to communicate clearly and make everything understood.


Time management


In Free Code Camp they comment "Since a QA engineer will have to balance multiple tasks throughout the day, it is important to have strong time management skills to ensure you stay productive and can meet deadlines."




Solve problems


Throughout the product development process, it is inevitable that problems will arise, so a good QA must be able to present a plan to solve them adequately and quickly.


Understand the software development cycle


Obviously working so closely with technology projects, a QA engineer must understand all the steps within the software development process. These are:


  • Planning stage
  • Analysis stage
  • Design stage
  • Software development stage
  • Software testing stage
  • Implementation and Integration
  • Operations and Maintenance Stage


These are the main skills and knowledge that a person must have to be a successful quality control engineer. The work of a QA is essential for any company that is dedicated to the development of web pages and mobile applications, they must always be aware of any type of error and be able to solve them as soon as possible.


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