5 habits that can change your life as a developer

May 16, 2022

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The day-to-day of a person dedicated to software development can be quite hard, with strenuous routines that can last several hours, until late at night, leaving the mind and body exhausted.


A software developer is a person who is in charge of designing and creating the applications and websites with which we interact on a daily basis, as well as providing ongoing maintenance, a task that can become complicated due to cyber-attacks to which computerized systems are vulnerable. , in addition to the common errors that can occur.


The developer spends his days looking after his projects and his clients, which can cause hours and hours sitting in front of a computer, causing great exhaustion. But, there are some habits recommended by experts that he can apply to not feel so tired and improve his daily routine.


Habits for a developer that can change your daily life


Parker Klein, a former Google programmer, shared how he applied some habits to his daily routine that completely changed his life and shared it with his fellow programmers, so they can enjoy the same benefits.


1. Go to bed early and wake up first thing in the morning


Going to bed around 9 at night and waking up at 5 in the morning was one of the routines that worked for Klein "there are no distractions in the morning and going to bed early keeps you out of trouble."


2. Limit decision making


Klein said, “I eat a lot of the same foods, wake up and go to sleep at the same time, exercise every day, and have worn the same jeans and style of shoes for 8 years. Free your mind for other decisions by making a decision and sticking with it."


3. Daily meditation


This is not only an ideal practice for developers but also for anyone who spends their days stressed and full of work. Klein comments that in his day to day, he included 10 to 20 minutes of daily meditation, allowing himself a moment to sit in a relaxed space, think and listen to his inner self.


4. Read


Reading for half an hour in the morning and at night has helped Klein keep his mind healthy and sharp, as well as get new ideas that he can incorporate into his work and even improve his personal life.


5. Schedule


Klein said “I have coded almost every day since 2016. Practice compounds over time so you can solve harder challenges in the future. I watch videos, read articles, build tools, and learn new technologies.”


These are just some tips that you can follow so that your daily tasks can be carried out more easily and thus maintain a healthy balance between your work as a developer and your personal life, without having to sacrifice aspects of one or the other.


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