5 Reasons automated testing is great for big software projects

June 18, 2021


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Automated testing refers to the process of automating the software code testing process that used to be handled by a developer or QA, now doing the same process through a specific software. The automation of software test is done through an automation tool and test case that focus on reducing exploratory tests time and improving the overall accuracy and coverage of the tests. Automated tests are a vital part of the Agile software development method, and focuses on testing code at three different levels (Unit level automation, API testing and UI), implementing fewer tests as you go along. Through this method software development companies are able to make the testing process quicker, and more effective. Testing is a huge part of the software development process, and plays a very important part in agile software development, which is why automating it is the right choice for many companies looking to improve their internal processes. However, we understand switching from manual testing to trusting such an important task to a software can be a big step your company might not be ready to take, which is why we’re going to look at the 5 main reasons why you definitely should, especially if you’re handling big development projects. ##1: You can incorporate it with manual testing Big software projects usually require constant testing from the developers or QA’s as a way to make sure the software is working as it should be. However, errors can be made even after constant testing efforts. Luckily for you, automated testing can be integrated with manual testing, meaning you can use the software to test your project after the developer or QA has done it, as a way to make sure there are no errors and everything is going well. This means that projects that have already gone through a manual test phase can benefit from automated testing as well, since this method can quickly pick errors manual test might had miss in previous runs. ##2: It has reusable scripts The scripts used in automated testing are reusable, even if the version of the OS changes, the scripts are still able to be used, allowing you to redo the exact same tests as many times as necessary. Since the scripts in automated testing software are reusable you don’t need to constantly be creating new ones whenever you need to test the same areas on a bigger project, since you can re-use the ones you already have, allowing you to redo the same task without forgetting any step. ##3: Reduce staffing cost and human resources Although it is true automated testing requires a test automation engineer to be in charge of writing the scripts you will use to automate your tests and run your software, you only need one person. This means that instead of having two or three people running the same tests over and over, you get one person to work along the automated test software, reducing both test costs and staffing costs. ##4: Find bugs in your software development quicker and easier One of the biggest advantages of automating your testing processes is that running scripts in big software development projects helps you find bugs during the early stages of the process. This means, even from an early stage, you can quickly find an error within your software, fix it and automatically reduce both software expenses and working hours. ##5: Run tests whenever you want Automated testing allows you to start running tests whenever you like and come back to see the results, reports, and insights the tests has brought up during the time it was running. Keep in mind this also means you can run simultaneous tests whenever you want as well. With automated testing your team can test more than one device at the same time, allowing you to get a comparative report in almost no time. If you want to know more about what automated testing is or you want to outsource this process, make sure to contact us! Here at Rootstack we have a team of experts software engineers ready to help you.