5 signs that you must change your Panama Software Provider

June 18, 2021

Tags: IT Staff Augmentation

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Finding the right software provider in Panama takes a lot of work and smart thinking, and even then, you might take the risk of choosing a nearshore company that isn’t actually living up to the expectations.


Don’t get us wrong, this can happen in any country and with every company you choose. Whether it is because you didn’t choose the right one, or because you two simply don’t match, the situation lies ahead of you: How do you know it is time to change providers and work with someone else?


Before we continue with this blog, we recommend you to read our previous ones here and here. Two blogs in which we talk about how to find and recognize great software developers in Panama.


That being said, remember these blogs are meant to be a helpful guide, but not something to take literally. At the end of the day, you’ll choose a company that gives you a good vibe and that it seems like it can accomplish the job, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


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5 signs that you must change your Panama Software Provider

1: They don’t have a solid plan

There’s a thing called a startup or kickoff meeting, which is the very first meeting between the client and the project manager and team of the software development company.


During this meeting, it’s very likely that the client will set the requirements and standards for the project ahead, and the software provider will map out a plan according to the necessities stated by the client.


If you notice the Panama software provider is falling short to come out with a solid plan that tackles all of your points and doesn’t really have a strong strategy, it might be time to consider changing companies and looking for a new partner.


2: They don’t work with the top technologies

Although it is true you, as a client, are looking for a Panama software provider because your company doesn’t have the knowledge and team to carry out a software development process alone, you must have some sort of sense on what technologies your project will require.


If the software development company don’t work or handle specific technologies that need to be used to fulfill your project, or can’t even show you which technologies they work with, it might be time to switch and work with someone else.


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3: The process is taking too long to finish

Usually, Panama software providers will give you an estimated time frame in which they should develop and finish the software application in time to give you the final product.


Although setbacks are common during these type of processes, dragging the project longer than necessary without actually making any progress is a sign of an inexpert and unorganized company.


Even if walking out of a project mid-process seems unlikely, you should consider doing this instead of continuing to lose money and time with a company that can’t meet your standards.


4: The communication isn’t optimal

Believe it or not, communication amongst companies in a nearshore development process is key to achieving great results. If your Panama software provider isn’t regularly communicating with you and letting you know how the process is going, this could be considered as a very bad sign.


Now, don’t get us wrong. Regularly and constantly aren’t the same. Your nearshore partner doesn’t have to be constantly communicating with you for this workout, but rather giving you real reports every now and then according to what you two have previously agreed on.


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5: They aren’t taking your feedback into consideration

Last, but definitely not least, your Panama software provider must pay attention to your feedback and incorporate it into the software application to meet your expectations.


If you continue to see the same errors and you find yourself in a position where you have to make constant feedback on the same thing, your provider might not be the right one for you.


We understand dealing with Panama software providers isn’t easy at first, especially for those who are just starting in this world. However, we can help you make your process easier.


Contact us and get to work with a team of experts software developers who will take care of your project and come back with the product you wanted and needed.