5 tips to choose the best mobile app development company

February 06, 2023

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No company today is complete without mobile apps. Whether it is a food, clothing, stationery, bank or shoe business: all of them make available to users a mobile app through which they can consult catalogs and buy the products they want, quickly and easily.


In fact, the mobile app market has been constantly evolving and growing for a couple of years, especially as a result of the pandemic that broke out in 2023 and greatly accelerated the digital transformation of global companies.


In 2026, it is estimated that the mobile application market will generate earnings of up to 614.4 billion dollars, according to data from the Statista firm. The industries that have grown the most are games, entertainment, books and lifestyle, as well as the market for social networks that work mostly from mobile applications. The medical, food and beverage industries have also occupied the market, as well as the education and music industries.


Types of apps that a mobile app development company can create


Native apps


They are those that are created oriented in a specific operating system. The performance of this type of mobile apps is usually higher, since the application is created following all the hardware and software standards of the operating system in question.


mobile apps development


Web applications


It is about creating a responsive version of the website, which can run and adapt to any mobile device. These applications are opened using the mobile browser, so they do not need to be installed on the device.


Hybrid applications


It is a mix of web and native apps. “Hybrid apps are essentially web apps that have been placed in a native app shell. Once downloaded from an app store and installed locally, the shell can connect to whatever capabilities the mobile platform provides through an in-app browser", they explained in Computer Weekly.


desarrollo de aplicaciones moviles


Tips for choosing the best mobile app development company


When choosing a mobile app development company, it is essential that the team of developers that have extensive mobile development tools and technologies, especially those associated with iOS and Android, two of the most widely used operating systems in the world, handle them.


Of course, if you want an Android mobile app, try to find a software provider that has enough experience in this operating system and if you want an iOS app, get experienced profiles in this area. By looking for experienced staff, whatever the case, you will increase the efficiency and functionality of mobile applications.


Check the experience of the mobile app development company


The mobile application development company you hire should have proven experience in the technology you want to use in your app, so you can be sure that they will know how to handle any aspect of your project. It is also convenient that the company has experience in your industry, since it will have more context of the needs and functionalities that can be included in your mobile app.


desarrollo de aplicaciones moviles


Look for references from previous jobs


After making sure that the mobile app development company handles the technologies you need, then take a look at what previous projects they have worked on. Look for references from your old clients, ask about the quality of the supplier, delivery times, efficiency of your software development team. This will help you get an idea of what it would be like to work with that provider.


Look for a mobile app development company that provides the full development cycle


There are mobile application development companies that are limited only to creating the mobile app and that is where their service ends. But, really, it is recommended that you hire a provider that provides the entire mobile app development cycle.


desarrollo de aplicaciones moviles


This cycle comprises the following stages:


  • Market research
  • Mobile app prototype
  • UX user interface design
  • MVP development
  • Mobile app development
  • APIs and integrations
  • Software testing
  • Support and maintenance of the mobile app


Mobile App Development Cost Breakdown


When starting negotiations with a mobile app development company, ask for a cost breakdown of the project. There are providers that usually give global costs of the service, but it is important that you know the cost of each of the tasks and stages to be aware of what the development of the mobile app costs.


Also ask about the cost models that the provider has: they usually offer hourly rates, by profiles, or a fixed monthly rate if the work is long-term. Analyze which one is best for your project.


Apply a trial period


No matter how much analysis you do to the software provider, you will only know if it works for your project in practice. For this reason, in the contract they sign, they can stipulate a trial period so that both can verify whether or not they can work together. In that time, the company will see how the supplier works, his skills and abilities, and likewise, the supplier will see if he adapts to the client's demands.


desarrollo de aplicaciones moviles


Other important aspects to consider in a mobile application development company are:




Talk to the software provider about the communication channels they would use during the employment contract. This must be made very clear so that there is no confusion or delay in this regard. Ideally, communication should be weekly, through business chats like Slack or through email. We do not recommend platforms like WhatsApp, as important details can be lost.




When hiring the mobile application development company, confidentiality and security parameters must be established to safeguard the details of the project and avoid information leaks. All the rules must be recorded in the contract they sign.


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