7 reasons to implement Drupal Commerce

June 18, 2021

Drupal Commerce

Have you thought about implementing an e-commerce? Do you know the scope and benefits of implementing it?

During the last years of professional experience, I have realized that electronic commerce is essential for the growth of any organization. In the latter case, in with which I was closely involved (Rootnet CRM), I learned that e-Commerce is not only a trend, but it is the differentiating factor between competitors.

Starting in the world of e-Commerce is a great experience, because the success of it is not only to create a virtual store and manage products and services, but it has other tasks that directly affect their development, marketing, security, the interface, user interaction, among others.

The success of your e-Commerce store depends on its store concept and the platform on which it will developed. Drupal Commerce is one of the most preferred options in the market, especially for its flexibility and security.

We will detail the 7 main reasons why Drupal Commerce will be your best business partner:

1. A platform that will grow with your business

Drupal Commerce allows you to build a basic foundation of e-Commerce, which has great potential for scalability to grow in parallel to your site. It is the best option to venture into the world of e-Commerce, as the beginning of an online store project, there are limitations such as budget, time and resources.

2. Open source and Free

Drupal is an open source platform and licence free, which reduces development costs drastically. No need to use resources for licenses or memberships and those resources can be redirected on investment for marketing or other purposes.

3. You are not alone!

Drupal has a large community of people who are willing to help with your problems. It is one of the best open source communities, which provides a competitive advantage over other e-Commerce platforms.

4. Self-managing, scalable and easy to use

Just do the demo and corroborate this benefit. Drupal Commerce Demo

5. The new social trend

It is one of the most important tools for any e-commerce website. Social media is a great platform to showcase your products and brands efficiently, reaching its target audience. Integration with social networking accounts is a simple process and can share your content and products.

6. The best in security

Drupal sites are the safest on the Internet. Even the site whitehouse.org is built on Drupal. At the time of identifying an attack on the Drupal platform, the community confronts it immediately, even before damage occurs.

7. E-commerce mobile

More than 50% of online customers, make purchases through a mobile device. Therefore, by neglecting such potential customers, not to have a responsive site, you may consider to also lose half of your sales.

Drupal Commerce allows you to create an impressive store right away. The construction of the right brand is based on having the right tools. Drupal is a fantastic management system content that helps you build not only the perfect place, but also provides tools to help you market your products and services more efficiently. Content marketing, social media promotions, sales, etc., can be performed with the help of Drupal Commerce. It is the complete package development and commercialization which is needed for the success of your online store.

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