Angular 14: Most interesting features of this new version

July 07, 2022

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The framework for web craftsmen is how Angular has been defined by its experts. Angular stands out for offering the developer a good experience, while at the same time offering several quite powerful features as an option, such as deep dependency injection, an expressive database abstraction layer, queues, scheduled jobs, integration tests and units, and more.


Angular gives a business the ability to have a scalable website with a new design. For a software company, using this framework has several benefits and uses, among which are: creating forums, business portals, crowdfunding platforms, marketplaces, property listings, etc.


Companies using Angular


Among the companies that have made use of this framework for their pages and applications are: GitHub (forum), Google, Forbes, Indiegogo, BMW (price calculator, offer search engine), Deutsche Bank developer portal, Crunchbase, Nike , Xbox, Udacity , YoutubeTV, Firebase, AT&T and Adobe.


The best features that come with Angular 14


After Angular 13 was successfully released, there were some bugs that the developers found in the framework, such as how complicated it was to use compared to React. In addition to this, it did have some positive points that made it popular with Angular users, such as the addition of titles that were simplified with the new Route.title in the router.


In Angular 14 you don't need to add it for any additional import. Let's see other new features of the latest version:


Independent components


To make Ng modules independent, RFC (Request for Comments) was issued. These modules would not be deprecated in the Angular 14 update but will become interim to keep up with the compatibility of existing Angular applications and libraries.


Typed Forms


In the bacancytechnology portal, they explained “The new version update of Angular completely fixes the main problem of Github, that is, executing a strict script for the reactive forms package of Angular. Strictly typed forms will enhance a modern approach for Angular to work seamlessly with existing forms."


They go on to explain “One of the most promising elements of what's new in Angular 14 is that they have provided a smooth transition experience from previous versions to v14. The Angular team added automatic migration to keep existing apps during upgrades. Additionally, you can now work with a FormControl that calls a particular value that it carries, accepting input of a generic type.”


CLI autocomplete


This autocomplete can now improve productivity by delivering the commands needed to create the modules, as well as create the directives and components for the project, be it new or existing.


“Angular 14 offers the latest features in CLI, enabling real-time auto-completion in the terminal. At first glance, you should run the ng completion command. The next step is to type the ng command and hit Tab to explore all possible options. Enter to choose one of the options” they point out in Bacancy Techomology.


DevTools is now online


Now the Angular DevTools extension will be available online for Firefox users, they can locate it in Mozilla plugins.


Optional injectors


When the Angular user is developing an embedded view using the latest version, they can mention an optional injector via TemplateRef.createEmbeddedView and ViewContainerRef.createEmbeddedView.


Integrated enhancements


Built-in improvements made in Angular 14 help the user connect to members of protected components directly from their templates. You can gain control over reusable components using the public API surface.




Reasons why you should use Angular for development


Angular is distinguished from other frameworks by several of its features and functionalities, of which five stand out that make it a favorite among developers. These are:


Its extensive functionality


Angular allows you to easily stream the data you want to present in your app. It is not necessary to use third-party libraries to achieve the basic functionality since there is only one official library and it is provided by the Angular team, this provides more quality and greater security in the code.


Responsive apps


Developing a website or an application with Angular allows your applications with a lot of useful features and also offers you responsiveness.




One feature that sets Angular apart from other frameworks is that there is a suggested way to create a component, service, or module. In practice, this creates consistency throughout the code base and avoids the situation where other developers wonder how something was created.


At Rootstack, our experts have used Angular to solve several of the technical problems that our clients have presented internationally. If you have the necessary knowledge about this framework and want to give your professional career a boost, click here and start working on challenging projects that will allow you to be part of the world's digital future.


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