AWS: Advantages and benefits for your company

September 05, 2022

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Currently, a cloud computing solution is the most ideal for companies or startups and perhaps the most popular of them is AWS. On their official page, they explain "Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud platform that offers more than 200 complete data center services around the world."


Companies that migrate to AWS can see a 51% reduction in operations costs, a 62% increase in productivity, and a 94% reduction in downtime for their services.


But, what advantages can we find when using the AWS platform?


Redundancy: This means that our services are prepared to be available in different areas, this allows us that our services are not affected in the event of an electrical failure or any eventuality in the data centers.

Globalization: AWS infrastructure is available in different regions around the world, so we can take advantage of this and have our services distributed across different countries in a matter of minutes.

Pay only for what you use: AWS allows you to pay only for what your customers are using, in this way if your business has variations in demand either by hours of the day, regions, or types of customer, your operating costs can be determined due to these variations, so when the demand is lower, the cost of operation will be lower.



Savings models for use: With AWS you can configure payment plans depending on how long you are going to use the services and how much you are going to use them, in this way, for example, you can hire a data storage service: the more data you store, the storage cost will decrease.

Scalability: If your business has variations in demand by type of client, by time or by region in the world, AWS will allow you to adjust the power of your services automatically, when your business experiences peaks in demand, you will not be You are going to worry about your services being able to support it, since AWS is going to be in charge of adjusting the power (processing and memory) of your services according to variations in demand.

Security: AWS has a shared responsibility model, which means that all the services you have within it are protected against security attacks, denial of service attacks, data privacy, etc. You will only worry about authorizing the people or services you need to use your services (security in the cloud). AWS offers a service that can detect which security aspects you have to take care of in your configuration so that you can take action on them.

Budget Management: In AWS you can configure how much you want to spend either at the dollar or data level, allowing you to set limits for different accounts within the organization so that expenses are controlled at all times. AWS provides you with an analysis of the use of your services so that based on these reports you can plan your budgets in an optimal way.

AWS Managed Services: this function of AWS allows some services to be managed independently, the user does not have to provide anything for them to work, for example, if you need a database, the user would not have to worry about backups, if you need a web service (API), it is not necessary to provide a server for it to work, AWS takes care of providing everything you need so that you only use the service.

Integrations with Third Parties: AWS has a Marketplace, where we can find third-party services and that we can include in our configuration in a very simple way, ensuring compatibility with our services and their security.



Ease of Use: Provisioning servers, technology, and resources in the world outside the cloud are tedious, expensive, and time-consuming, however, in AWS you can provide everything you need to run your business in a matter of minutes, as well itself, it allows you to clone your configuration so that you do not need to repeat it when taking your business to another region.

In conclusion, AWS is an industry-leading cloud platform used by companies of all types and sizes, from large corporations, and the United States military to startups around the world, its customer-oriented charging model allows adapting to any business, being the cloud that can save more operating costs than any other. In addition, AWS has a free usage tier where you can interact with different services so you can get an idea of ​​how easy it is to set up, how powerful it is, and how you can benefit from its charging model.


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