Benefits of applying IT Staff Augmentation in your company

May 26, 2021


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Staff Augmentation

Teamwork is what always brings better results to a company. By combining different talents, tools and strategies, reaching the objectives becomes much easier, going from being a dream to something tangible. And, in this task, services such as IT Staff Augmentation can be of great use and value for the productivity of a company.


Why use Staff Augmentation in your company?


It is a way of expanding the horizons of a company: by hiring the Staff Augmentation service, not only enhances the base work team, but also increases the quality of the projects by adding highly specialized personnel in different areas of utility and interest for the business. Minimize project development times, being able to carry them out faster without losing efficiency in each of the stages. Also, they are a very flexible external staff that adjusts to the needs of the company, no matter the day or time.


Benefits of this strategy


  • High productivity


Having a more numerous and robust work team, also more specialized, considerably increases the productivity of the company. This places it in a better position within such a competitive market, being able to measure itself with the best companies in its field. In addition, the personnel hired via Staff Augmentation tend to offer greater and better results, since they are focused on a specific task or project, refers Daxx website. By working with a single client, the team does their best to achieve the best possible results.


  • Simplify expenses / costs


In this collaborative work modality, the company simplifies the recruitment of personnel through Staff Augmentation and improves the workflow considerably, without many complications. In other words, administrative tasks are reduced, it is not necessary to invest in a new office and work equipment. You only pay for the work or task performed, for a specified time, remotely.


Staff Augmentation

  • Flexibility and time savings


Every core team of a company is usually overloaded with tasks from different projects, dividing their time to solve each one of them. While it's the way many companies work, this style can delay some project deliveries and closings. This does not happen when applying Staff Augmentation, since it turns out to be an external team that complements the company's processes, focusing on defined tasks and giving results in a short time. They have all the availability and flexibility to meet any requirement, when and where it is necessary.


  • Access to qualified personnel anywhere in the world


The geographical space will not be a limitation when it comes to requiring the best qualified personnel, since through Staff Augmentation you will be able to get the most qualified professionals regardless of the country where the company is located, or the staff. In this way, the work and projects of the company are enriched by developing them with different talents from around the world.


  • Less legal paperwork


When hiring the Staff Augmentation service, the company does not have to deal with legal and administrative aspects that involve hiring a staff for the company's core team, points out the Peerbits portal, since the company that offers this solution is the one who is in charge of directly hiring the staff. So the company will only have to deal with working together with the outsourcing staff, without major worries or pending.


  • Easy integration with the base equipment


Communication is usually one of the strengths of the personnel employed via Staff Augmentation, since they usually offer constant and updated reports on the tasks they are carrying out, so that their performance is completely transparent and effective with the company that hired them. Thanks to this, its integration with the base team is usually simple, with a better distribution of tasks and responsibilities among all, explained the Jobsity portal. Everyone must have a teamwork mentality, a collaborative spirit based on objectives and not a vision of competition between both teams.


With these benefits, it is more than clear how advisable it is to consider Staff Augmentation for your company. Its implementation is quite simple, not cumbersome at all, and its results are high enough to increase the productivity and quality of any project or business. At Rootstack, with more than 10 years of experience, we can advise you on this.


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