The best way to redesign your website made in Drupal

June 18, 2021


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![enter image description here](https://cms.rootstack.comhttps://cms.rootstack.com/sites/default/files/blog/img/redisenopsd.jpeg) The constant change in digital trends and technological tools is not something that can be overlooked. In the business world websites **have cycles**, they must be in **constant update** on their content, design and functionalities. The idea of ​​redesigning a site requires detailed planning and decision making based on the current situation on the expected long-term plan. **Drupal** will facilitate the redesign with specific tools, without needing to involve functionalities or the end use of the site. ####**How do I know if I need to redesign my website?** - The site traffic has decrease - Design no longer meets the company image - Need to optimize functions - It requires improved user experience - Much time has passed since the last change - Has complicated sections for users - Results are not as expected Surely, your business has been affected by some of these reasons that are crucial to the decision to make a change. To redesign a website you need to consider certain parameters and define strategies to **strengthen** your brand and avoid misuse of your website. At **Rootstack** our plan as a company is to provide **long-term quality solutions**. With more than 80 successful projects we can say that the focus of each project must be complete and detailed. A good initial planning will contribute positively in the future of your new tool and for this, we bring in this blog elements to consider when making a change of design on your corporate website. - **Set goals** **Where do we want to go?** As a recommendation we could list initial and post-redesign benefits. These objectives can be applied in the short and long term as they will focus on meeting the requirements of the company. The idea of ​​making changes on the web is to improve results effectively. If you want to add new registration forms you can define objectives with categorization of forms with multiple database purposes, contact segmentation, marketing campaigns, events, among others. - **Structure** Through the new strategy of the site we can define the structure of the site, position of elements and redirection of sites. Drupal helps to make **modular changes**, it is not necessary to change the whole site to make a single change, it will be possible to approach each objective in phases if it requires it at the moment. If you want to change the image of the home page you can create the structure on trends, clear images, clean sections without so much content, reduced menu, information highlighted, among others. This will help you in the new implementation on the speed in decision making, the provider will be able to create proposals focused on the desired structure and automate the entire process of changes. - **Reuse** As we mentioned, Drupal does not affect the initial code or the direct operation of the site. You can reuse elements of the current site, sections more visited, complex functionalities, among others. Saving significant resources by reducing the project's final time. - **Innovation** We will be able to adjust the innovation and impulse that we will give to our new site, once implemented the new site will be able to execute the marketing strategies to promote the brand. It would be possible to involve recurring users to measure correct usage and to determine the failures of each section of the site by focusing on end-user improvements and their expectation. - **Monitoring** As any web tool it will not only be a matter of launching the site, we will have the possibility to constantly monitor its use. See detailed traffic, hours of more interaction, less and more visited sections, average time of each visit, among others. With the monitoring of traffic you can anticipate possible failures or lack of information and generate new marketing strategies. ---------- I can conclude that the importance of planning every stage of our development, design and implementation projects is crucial to **measuring success.** Although it requires a greater investment over time and resources of the company in the long term you will be able to see the benefits of your company, greatly improving the **business image on the users, increase in traffic and sales.** The website fulfills an online image role where you must constantly update each element. Nowadays the competition is a lot and the company remains that differentiating factor together with automated processes that involve the customer. Each website will have a growth according to the planning and implementation of strategies provided by the company. If you have good planning, you can make **significant and verifiable improvements.**